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On April 1, 2011, all clients needing Medicare reimbursed home health care services will be required to have a documented face to face encounter with an eligible health care provider within the 90 day period before or 30 days after the initiation of needed home health care services. This is a delay from the announced January 1 date to agencies to establish processes for implementation. The purpose of this mandate is to assure that the order for home care is based on current knowledge of the client's condition. This encounter may be with a certifying physician or other allowable non physician provider (NPP) such as a nurse practitioner who is practicing in accordance with state law. The definition of an “allowable nurse practitioner” is the same as that used for standard nurse practitioner reimbursement under Part B Medicare. However, under this new requirement, a physician must document that he or she, or an allowed NPP has had a face to face encounter with the client in this time frame. This provision does not change the regulatory requirement that a physician must order the service, but does allow a nurse practitioner to provide the required encounter with documentation from the physician that the encounter occurred.

For more information, please visit the two CMS (Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services) links listed below.

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